How did we start?

With a simple idea actually. Of experiencing better, finding better and choosing better. After all our daily choices of what we consume makes a difference to the planet we live in or will leave behind.

So, we started with choices. The world of choices for a conscious consumer that don’t eat up a planet. Choices that are sustainable. Choices that do right by communities. Choices that stay proudly local. Choices that have a big heart. Choices that want to be always better, always equal.

We ended up imagining a planet, slightly different from the world we live in. A world of amazing experiences, that stay honest and do good. A world that’s slightly different by choice

What’s the goodness scorecard?

What is a goodness score card? It Is one that first and foremost wants to do better. Better and right by the world. Experiences that transform. Hyper local producers that transform micro communities. Ventures that create circular economics. Honest brands that are exemplary social citizens. Explorers and keepers of good who remain restless to change the world we wake up to everyday. Consumers who vote for the traceable, real and authentic

Conscious by choice
Earth friendly by experience
Pro community at heart
Transformative by design
Diversity in character

It is obvious that if we continue with our current choices of experiences, that are exploitative, not right by local communities, not authentic and not participative enough, the world will have a shorter life that’s nasty, brutish and more unequal. But we can change this. It is not going to be a day’s work.

Far from it. But if we take it one day at a time, one choice at a time, we could help make the world discover BETTER.

What Does A Good Planet Look Like?

Say yes to Conscious Experiences

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about us. We’re a team that’s singularly fond of experiences that are authentic and conscious. We remain inspired by the real champions, good people, good communities and fantastic experiences which make our world better and more equal.

Our bucket list makes a difference to the world we live in. It is time we made conscious choices.

On this journey we are fortunate to have the company of amazing changemakers, our keepers of the planet, the keepers of good. They are changing lives, transforming communities, restoring forests, preserving culture, narrating the hyper-local, leading grassroot start-ups, creating brave brands and discovering life changing experiences.