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Alternativ: Discover an Ethical Wardrobe.

The sartorial world has experienced a colossal shift over the last few years. Today we watch MET Gala attendees take pride in re-wearing a vintage fit, the environmentally concerned Gen-Z shopping from pre-loved stores, the ‘capsule wardrobe’ taking over as a buzzword, and the slow yet sure rise of the slow movement in fashion.

In 2021, just as this movement gained momentum, a young duo from Shahpur Jat, New Delhi founded an ethical fashion boutique called Alternativ with a clear goal, to offer a conscious and classic alternative to fast fashion. With a strong belief in the power of basics, they designed a timeless collection of quality silhouettes that last. Two years into the business of sustainable fashion, the founders have led Alternativ with ideologies of sustainability, inclusivity, honesty, and a fair-trade model. This is a slow fashion brand that believes in fashion for good.

The undyed linen shirt is crafted with the most sustainable natural fabric.

A Responsible Collective

Fatigued by how the world perceives clothing as a convenient commodity, founders Noopur and Chinamaya made a pact to make fashion more sustainable by leveraging the ‘power of basics’. Their journey started in 2021 with a team of 3, who worked their way through the pandemic like polymaths would. They started with researching the right materials, got suppliers on board, and gathered tailors and workmen who would sew their Alternativ vision to life.

Sustainability is so many things in fashion – better materials, local production, zero plastic packaging, carbon offsetting, and the list goes on. We will never be 100% sustainable, but what we can be is to pick what we can do right now and sincerely keep moving forward until we check everything on the list and then find some new ways to be more sustainable. The road to sustainability in fashion is truly never-ending.”
– Noopur Singh, Founder

Founder Noopur Singh pursued her Masters at the Swedish School of Textiles where she acquired knowledge of the Scandinavian approach to sustainability in all spheres of life. When she learned about the numerous innovations and circular models in the clothing industry, she was motivated to apply them back at home. Noopur collaborated with her friend Chinmaya Kishore, an alumnus of NIFT, India to embark on a journey toward building a meaningful brand.

The Founders – Noopur Singh and Chinamaya Kishore

Today Alternativ has a roster of smart and sustainable staples that won’t cut a hole in your pocket or cost the planet.

What is “slow fashion”?

One aspect of the slow movement in fashion is advocating for choices that respect individuals, animals, and the environment. While slow fashion may translate to slowing down the pace at which you consume fashion, it fundamentally stands for creating a balance. If one obsessively shops from slow fashion brands instead of mindfully selecting pieces that will last and be loved for longer, they’re doing it wrong.

Made with 100% Cotton Poplin picked from dead stock, and a back button made with natural coconut.

“The slow philosophy can be summed up in a single word: balance.”
– Carl Honoré, In Praise Of Slow 

Alternativ Materials

The brand takes the triple-bottom-line approach of focusing on people, planet, and profit.

While Alternativ fabrics are designed for longevity and some are crafted to be biodegradable, all their fabrics are gentler on the environment as compared to conventional fabrics. They currently use new natural fibers such as Linen and Hemp, leftover stock fabrics, and recycled fabrics. Alternativ hopes to find more ways to be innovative with materials and pursue alternatives that make them a conscious brand, because as the founder quoted, “The road to sustainability in fashion is truly never-ending”.

They go deep into detail and make sure their labels and hangtags are all made with biodegradable materials too; hoping to one day find an alternative for plastic-based buttons and threads.

Alternativ takes the following measures that make them mindful.

Conscious by Practice

Along with using natural, next-gen materials instead of conventional and harmful fabrics like polyester, Alternativ claims to be India’s first all-basics brand made with sustainable materials, processes, and practices.

Perfect for a capsule wardrobe, Alternativ designs staples in easygoing silhouettes that can be layered to last many seasons. They stick to classics only and say no to capricious trends. To avoid overproduction and wastage, Alternativ takes the made-to-order approach and offers customization.  Their mindful, versatile pieces are made using neutral colors that fit into an everyday wardrobe, likely to be used more often. They abide by ethical practices at their workshop in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, and assure all craftsmen are fairly compensated and respected. The final product reaches its owner in 100% bio-degradable packaging that includes recycled boxes and water-activated tapes.

packaging materials tape box sticker tissue paper
Packaging that treads lightly.

Shop Alternativ and join the quest to make ethical fashion the new normal.

Stay tuned to discover more conscious brands on Planet Xplorium!

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