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Loka: A Thoughtful Gurukul

Reminiscent of the Vedic schooling traditions of a gurukul is Loka, a conscious school set up along the Punpun river in Bihar, North India – once an ancient centre of learning that attracted students and scholars from across the globe. The land was known as Nalanda, this is where Buddha attained enlightenment and this is where Loka endeavours to bring back the light and revive its rich culture of learning.

Loka brings to life experiential and innovative learning on a thoughtfully designed campus that is surrounded by nature. Students here slow down, step out of the classroom and learn through observation and sustainable practices.

Lessons outside the classroom. (Loka)

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence – Rabindranath Tagore

Education at Loka is a holistic journey that sets it apart from a regular school. Teachers explore learning methods that empower and engage young minds through traditional subjects along with extracurriculars like music, art, poetry and sport. Loka equips students to create their own livelihood and uplift their surroundings, by providing a mindful education that leads to meaningful growth.

Going beyond textbooks. (Loka)

Stepping out of the classroom

Young minds are capable of so much more than merely memorising facts and learning from books. They are capable of creative and critical thinking, Loka understands and moulds these young minds and lets their imagination run free into the playground of possibilities.

Every place, every child and every teacher is different so why do we have the same exact schooling institutes around the world? – Charlotte, Cofounder

Creative expression through music. (Loka)

Along with books for guidance, teachers at Loka instil a love for learning through storytelling, nature walks, observation classes and various mindful activities. Students are enabled to perform and creatively express themselves via presentations and workshops. They are also in charge of maintaining cleanliness at the school campus through manual work, a practice that makes them conscious and equal citizens of the future.

Surrounded by nature; a typical Loka class. (Loka)

The perfect collaboration

Loka was founded in the village of Manikpur, Bihar by Sanat Kumar and Charlotte Leech. The former studied Sanskrit in Varanasi and traversed the country as a student and educator. While the latter dwells from Europe where she worked as a project manager, policymaker and advisor for the government. The two shared a collective goal of rethinking education and Loka was born.

We are hoping to be an inspiration for unique schools everywhere. Instead of schools that are merely factories, we are hoping to make our innovative framework the new normal. – Charlotte, Cofounder

With a dedicated local team and through Loka’s global board members, guest teachers, advisors, ambassadors and supporters, Loka continues to blossom and grow.

Founders Sanat Kumar and Charlotte Leech addressing students. (Loka)

Can you imagine a world where competition and comparison are replaced by collaboration and inspiration? Loka has, with its small(yet big-hearted) school with big dreams. If the next generation went to school at Loka, they would undeniably reimagine a better world than the one we live in.

At Loka we embrace the butterfly effect; that the small-scale endeavours of 108 students living & learning in a remote village in India will one day shake the world in a gentle way.

The joy of growing up in a school of good. (Loka)


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