What is your conscious consumer personality?

Would you rather buy from a sustainable global brand or a local brand?

We are all evolving and discovering our conscious selves. You may have recently started buying the right products to do right by the planet, or you may already be an. Ultimately, all of our journeys bring us closer to becoming conscious and mindful consumers. Take our quiz to know what kind of conscious personality you have as a consumer.

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    Where would you rather shop from?

    • A popular fast-fashion brand – Zara, H&M
    • Thrift gently used clothes from resale shops/brands
    • A local brand that locally sources its produce – Anokhi, Suta
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    Who are you?

    • The person who carries a steel flask of water
    • The person who buys a PET(plastic) bottle of water
    • The person who recycles a plastic water bottle
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    When you go to buy groceries, you…

    • Purchase a cloth bag
    • Use the store’s carry bag
    • Carry a cloth bag
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    How do you order your food?

    • Order in excess, the more the merrier
    • Exactly how much you need or small portions
    • Eat what you can and takeaway/save the rest for later
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    What is your general mode of travel?

    • Public transport
    • Walking, cycling, or carpooling
    • Private vehicle

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